Case Study - Bucket Wheel Reclaimer Reeler Tuning

I S Systems, in partnership with iba-Oceania, delivered a substantial & reliability and productivity of the Reelers on a Bucket Reclaimer in Port Headland.

The Goal

The Reclaimer Reeler control scheme for a Bucket Reclaimer in Port Headland needed to be improved. The Reelers on the machine have been historically problematic, resulting in production delays and costly damage to drive system clutches.

I S Systems were required to deliver a new control program that improved on the existing scheme, with a major goal of improving machine reliability & productivity.

The Solution

A specialised data logging and analysis package was implemented to assist in fault finding and fine tuning the Reclaimer Reeler control scheme. The data analysis allowed the engineering team to clearly identify where the flaws in the existing control scheme were, allowing control improvements to be developed offline, and designed to specifically target the issues flagged in the data analysis.

This has resulted in significant improvements in machine reliability and productivity, and the data logging system has proven invaluable to both machine engineers and operators in the ongoing monitoring & maintenance of the machine.

Bucket Wheel Reclaimer
Image displaying logging network of Bucket Wheel Reclaimer, connected from logging equipment via TCP/IP to a DP Master, connected via DeviceNET to VVVF Drives
Configuration for data logging network

Thanks for all the work you have done for us. The report is great and there is comprehensive coverage showing what we need to know.

I have remarked on your meticulous approach to every job. We look forward to working with you from now on.

Francisc Majdik
Analysis & Improvement Electrical Engineer, BHP

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