Case Study - ANZAC Class Frigate Obsolescence Upgrade

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Delivering a comprehensive control & management solution to one of Australia's most important Naval assets.

The Goal

The ANZAC Class Frigate are a mainstay of the Royal Australian Navy and ensuring that they are well maintained and operating as effectively as possible is critical.

Overall, a number of elements of the control & monitoring system (C&M) required improvements to ensure maximum operational efficiency. The fleet was fitted with Siemens S5 PLC’s, which are no longer supported by Siemens. It was also utilising dated SCADA systems and required additional redundancies in it’s system servers & controllers.

The Solution

I S Systems’ expertise in the implementation of S5 to S7 upgrades made us the ideal choice for the implementation of this strategy. We implemented an efficient, minimal downtime upgrade path paired with a comprehensive and detailed risk management strategy. This facilitated the upgrade from S5 to S7 PLC’s, a SCADA system upgrade and C&M System with a redundant fibre optic communications network ensuring robust communication throughout the system.

Our strategy permitted offline verification and testing, ensuring the reliability of the solution before going live.

Anzac class frigate in dock
ANZAC Class frigate at sea

Every time I hear the story (of I S Systems Support of the project) it resonates me as an exemplar of what can be achieved with strong leadership & decision making... There are many more in Defence and Government that would benefit from having an exemplar case study such as yours.

The I S Systems capability in support of ANZAC is a story worth telling.

Tony Martin
Manager Global Access Program, BAE Systems Australia

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