Our Team

We have built a team of industry experts who deliver outstanding results to our customers and build our industry through apprenticeship and graduate programs.

Industry leaders with real experience.

Our leadership team has real, practical experience in delivering excellent, innovative results to industry.

We have fostered a culture of purposeful innovation, industry understanding and personal care that puts us ahead of the pack.

Ingenuity with purpose

Our people take on complex, multifaceted engineering challenges and deliver results that consistently impress. Our process is focused on building value in our client's process, wherever that value lies.

Our Promise

This is our territory. Our expertise is in engineering customised solutions that automate and control equipment and industrial machinery. No-one knows or understands this niche better than us.

Every risk - identified and managed. We are trusted by our clients with multi-million dollar production lines and they depend on the quality and accuracy of our work. We take the care to verify assumptions, check, recheck and put in place every process and safeguard necessary to protect our client's people and plant.

When we say it will work, it works. We provide our clients with total confidence. You can base your plans and timeframes for maintenance or expansion around our promise - our part will work how and when we specify.

We work to your timeline. We have consistently delivered complex changeovers and start-up plant & equipment in times that competitors deem impossible. All while keeping our promises on risk management and effectiveness.

Value beyond the project. We start each project by obtaining a deep understanding of our client's needs. Then we add more - finding opportunities to reduce costs & increase production, revenue and profit. Our solutions pay for themselves - most often many times over.

Capacity and resources. We don't just have exceptional people - we have a lot of them. Our engineering, management and manufacturing teams have helped bring in headline projects in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Europe and Africa.

The personal touch. We are not a corporate monolith, and we have no bureaucracy. Our team, from frontline engineers through to management and directors, are easily accessible to our clients, and our communication is speedy and simple. Responses are fast and support is given enthusiastically. Our people love their work and want to support our customers.

Our directors

Craig Harrison, happy in a high vis vest.

Craig Harrison

Managing Director

Craig has vast experience from electrical fitter/mechanic, engineer through to engineering superintendent at BHP. He has been involved in engineering company management, co-founding I S Systems and building the company to its present state. He has developed project engineering, switchboard manufacturing and product sales business into a wide range of industries, including mining, metals, paper, food & beverage and infrastructure. Recent focus has been on developing new products for the energy market and renewable energy applications. Craig has a number of patents and is the Managing Director of I S Systems.

Janelle Thornton, smiling in our workshop

Janelle Thornton

Financial Director

Janelle has substantial accounting experience, having worked in several prominent Accounting Firms both Chartered and Public including Ernst & Young. Several years after joining the then Ernst &Young Chartered Accountants Janelle became the Business Services Manager in their Newcastle office before moving into the commercial arena. In November 1994 Janelle with other former employees purchased Industrial Switchgear Systems Pty Limited from Industrial Switchgear Pty Limited. The company purchased is now known as I S Systems Pty Limited. In the intervening 18 years Janelle has been a Director and the Executive Officer Corporate Services. In the time since joining the company I S Systems has become a multidiscipline electrical engineering company with some $12 M annual turnover.

Niel Mukherjee, smiling in our workshop

Niel Mukherjee

Engineering Director

Niel is responsible for overseeing all Engineering, Quality Assurance and Information Technology activities in the company, and has over two decades of international experience in managing and maintaining electrical systems in continuous process plants and steel mills. Niel has designed, engineered and successfully commissioned various process automation projects and upgrades using Siemens & Schneider Electric PLCs. He has effectively honed our engineering team into a high performance unit achieving process efficiencies, lower downtimes and cost control.

Team member spotlight

Fritz Woller working on a solution for our customers.

Fritz Woller

Team leader - Software & technology

Fritz Woller has over 30 years automation engineering experience with current and legacy Siemens automation products and is an acknowledged expert in the field who consults broadly in PLC, SCADA and Fieldbus systems. His particular expertise in the areas of S5, S7 and industrial networks has been recognised on an international level by Siemens who assigned him Expert status and special privileges for the Siemens technical support forum. He specialises in the development of low/no risk change over engineering strategies with a variety of vendor products which lead to I S Systems winning major national awards for engineering excellence. His drive to deliver state of the art automation solution to our customers is further underpinned by his IBA data acquisition, analysis and verification tools know how and application experience. He makes it his business to keep up to date with technology developments to ensure the most suitable, cost efficient and current solutions are delivered to our.