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S5 Catalogue



Siemens Legacy Products

I S Systems have the following legacy Siemens products available both for sale and rental (subject to availability):

Part NoName
S6ES5 375-1LA41 EPROM Submodule 32K byte
S6ES5 376-0AA11 EPROM Submodule 16K Byte
S6ES5 376-0AA21 EPROM Submodule 32K Byte
S6ES5 376-1AA11 S5 376 Memory Submodule EPROM
S6ES5 376-1AA21 EPROM Submodule 32k Byte
S6ES5 376-1AA31 EPROM
S6ES5 377-0AA11 RAM 16K Bytes (short)
S6ES5 377-0AA32 RAM 64K Bytes (short)
S6ES5 377-0AB31 S5 377 Memory Submodule RAM
S6ES5 377-1AA21 RAM Submodule 32k Byte
S6ES5 385-8MB11 Up-down Counter/Position Decoder
S6ES5 420-7LA11 Digital Input 32 x 24V Dc
S6ES5 421-8MA12 Digital Input 8x24V DC
S6ES5 430-3BA11 S5 150 Digital Input 32x24V(K) P1
S6ES5 430-4UA13 Digital Input
S6ES5 430-7LA11 Digital Input
S6ES5 430-7LA12 Digital Input 32 x 24V DC (Pl)
S6ES5 435-7LA11 Digital Input 16x115Vac
S6ES5 436-4UA12 Digital Input 16 input 115/230Vac
S6ES5 441-4UA12 Digital Output 32x24Vdc 0.5A
S6ES5 441-7LA11 Digital Output
S6ES5 445-3AA11 S5 150 Digital Output 32x24V/0.5A
S6ES5 450-3AA11 S5 150 Digital Output 32x24V/0.12A
S6ES5 451-4UA11 Digital output 32x24Vdc
S6ES5 451-4UA13 Digital Output
S6ES5 451-7LA11 Digital Output 32x24Vdc 0.5A
S6ES5 451-8MA11 Digital Outpur 8 x 24V DC 1A, Isola
S6ES5 454-7LA11 Digital Outpur
S6ES5 456-4UA12 Analog Inout
S6ES5 464-8MC11 Analogue Input 4x ¦10V DC, P.I.
S6ES5 464-8ME11 Analogue Input 4x 4-20mA
S6ES5 465-3AA12 Analogue Input 16xmA/mV 8xPT100
S6ES5 465-3AA13 Analogue Input 16xmA/mV 8xPT100
S6ES5 465-7LA11 Analogue Input 16 Channel
S6ES5 465-7LA12 Analog Input 168/ Channel
S6ES5 470-4UA12 Analogue Out 8out+-10V 4.20mA
S6ES5 470-7LA12 Analogue Output 8 Channel +10V,0-20
S6ES5 470-7LB12 Analogue Output 8 Channel +10V (PI)
S6ES5 470-7LC12 Analog Output 8x20ma
S6ES5 470-8MA12 Analogue Output 2x+10V DC P.1
S6ES5 475-3AA11 Analogue Output 4x+10V (K)
S6ES5 476-3AA11 Analogue Output 4x0-20mA (K)
S6ES5 482-3BA11 S5 150 Digital Output Module
S6ES5 482-7LA11 Digital I/O 24VDC 16 In + 16 Out, P
S6ES5 490-8MB11 Front connector for 95/100U, 40 po
S6ES5 491-0LB11 Adaptor Capsule for 1 or 2 Modules
S6ES5 498-1AA51 Analogue Range Module
S6ES5 498-1AA71 Analogue Range Module 4 to 20mA
S6ES5 511-5AA12 S5 150 Programmer Interface Module
S6ES5 512-5BC12 S5 150 Communication Module
S6ES5 523-3UA11 CP523 Communication Processor
S6ES5 524-3UA13 CP524 Communications Processor
S6ES5 525-3UA11 CP524 Communications Processor
S6ES5 525-3UA21 CPU525
S6ES5 700-2LA11 S5 PLC Rack
S6ES5 700-2LA12 S5 PLC Rack
S6ES5 701-2LA12 S5 PLC Rack
S6ES5 705-0AF00 Interface Cable 0.5m
S6ES5 721-0BC20 Interface Cable
S6ES5 721-0BD20 Terminator Case
S6ES5 721-0BD60 Terminator Case
S6ES5 752-0AA12 TTy interface Submodule for CP524
S6ES5 757-0AA11 8 CH Serial Multiplexer
S6ES5 760-1AA11 Teminator
S6ES5 762-1AA12 Profibus Connector
S6ES5 762-2AA12 Profibus Connector
S6ES5 775-3AA11 S5 150 Module
S6ES5 775-3AA21 S5 150 Module
S6ES5 777-0BB00 SINEC L1 Bus Amplifier with 1m drop
S6ES5 858-0AA11 TK858 Modem
S6ES5 921-3UA11 135U S-Processor
S6ES5 922-3UA11 135U R-Processor
S6ES5 923-3UA11 Simatic 135U Co-ord Processor 923A
S6ES5 924-3SA11 CPU Module 150U/S
S6ES5 925-3KA12 CPU Module 150K
S6ES5 925-3SA11 CPU Module 150U/S
S6ES5 926-3KA12 CPU Module 150K
S6ES5 926-3SA11 CPU Module 150U/S
S6ES5 927-3KA13 CPU Module 150K
S6ES5 927-3SA11 CPU Module 150U/S
S6ES5 928-3UB11 CPU 928B
S6ES5 928-3UB12 CPU 928B
S6ES5 931-8MD11 Power Supply
S6ES5 941-7UA12 S5115U Central Processor 941
S6ES5 941-7UA13 S515U Central processor 941B
S6ES5 941-7UB11 115U Central processor 941B
S6ES5 942-7UA12 CPU 942
S6ES5 942-7UA13 CPU
S6ES5 942-7UB11 CPU 942B
S6ES5 943-7UA11 115U Central Processor 943
S6ES5 943-7UB12 CPU 943B 115U
S6ES5 944-7UA11 115U Central Processor 944
S6ES5 944-7UB11 CPU 944B
S6ES5 945-7UA11 CPU 945 115U
S6ES5 950-1AB61 Power Supply 24V/5V no buffer
S6ES5 951-7LB14 POwer Supply 3A
S6ES5 951-7LB21 Power Supply 3A
S6ES5 951-7LD12 Power Supply 240V/5V 7A
S6ES5 951-7LD21 Power Supply 7A/15A
S6ES5 951-7ND12 Power Supply 7A/15A
S6ES5 955-3LC12 S5 PLC Rack
S6ES5 988-3LA11 S5 PLC Rack
S6ES5095-8MA04 CPU 095
S6ES5102-8MA02 CPU 102
S6ES5135-3KB12 PLC Rack & Supply
S6ES5150-3SB51 S5 150 PLC Rack
S6ES5182-3KB61 S5 135/155 PLC Rack
S6ES5188-3UA12 S5 135/155 PLC Rack
S6ES5241-1AA11 S5 150 2 Port Encoder Module
S6ES5241-1AA12 IP241 Position Decoder Basic Module
S6ES5241-1AB11 S5 150 Encoder Matching Module
S6ES5242-1AA12 S5 150 5 Port Encoder Module
S6ES5242-1AA13 IP 242
S6ES5242-1AA21 S5 150 5 Port Encoder Module
S6ES5266-8MA11 IP266 Positioning Module
S6ES5300-3AB11 S5 150 Inrerface,expansion unit (k)
S6ES5301-3AB13 S5 150 Interface,EU/CC(centralsied)
S6ES5306-7LA11 Interface Module IM 306
S6ES5308-3UA12 IM 308-A for ET100 IN 115U/135U/155
S6ES5308-3UB11 IM 308-B for ET200 in 115U/135U/155
S6ES5312-3AB11 S5 150 Interface,Central Unit (K)
S6ES5312-3AB31 S5 150 Interface,Cent Unit (K).95m
S6ES5314-3UA11 Interface Module
S6ES5340-3KA11 S5 150 Memory Module
S6ES5340-3KB31 S5 150 Memory Module
S6ES5340-5AB31 S5 150 Memery Module
S6ES5350-3KA21 S5 150 EPROM Memory Module
S6ES5374-1KH21 Flash EPROM Submodule 256K By
S6ES5375-0LA15 EPROM Submodule 32K Byte
S6ES5375-0LC31 EPROM Submodule 8K Byte
S6ES5375-0LD21 16K Ram x 8 Bit Sub Module