Delta Energy Systems, the Australian subsidiary of Delta Electronics -- the world's largest power electronics company, has an alliance partnership agreement with I S Systems, specialising in automation systems and variable speed drives (VSD), and Marubeni Australia for capital support.

I S Systems is Delta's system integration partner for Medium Voltage Drives (MVD) in Australia. The alliance targets heavy industry sectors such as mining, oil and gas, water, power generation Delta MVD am small and metal and cement processing. In particular there is a strong focus on constant, variable and regenerative torque applications where MVD's (3.3kV to 11kV) are used to drive equipment such as pumps, conveyors, crushers, blowers and compressors.

For heavy processes, MVDs produce much greater power output than low voltage drives (LVDs) due to operating at higher supply voltages and providing lower current flow for a given power output. MVDs also use smaller cables than LVDs which can contribute to lower system cost and, for larger projects, significant economies of scale.

Delta's MVD systems feature N+1 redundancy topology for increased system availability using modular cascaded power cell architecture. This technology is oriented for use in high capital infrastructure applications, especially in the mining sector, offering increased system availability with optional power cell and cabinet bypass features.

The Delta MVD1000 Variable Torque product is particularly suitable for use with power plant boiler-feed pumps, blast furnace blowers, cement dusting fans, water plant pumps and compressors in the chemical industry. Applications for the Delta MVD2000 Constant Torque unit include sugar mills, crushers, mixers, conveyors, ball mills and extruders. The Delta MVD3000 Regenerative Torque unit is designed to deal with inclinations and loads, including in relation to conveyor and excavator operations.

 Delta MVD
Delta's MVD systems feature N+1 redundancy topology for increased
system availability using modular power cell architecture.


Delta MVDs are designed to make processes more efficient and reduce downtime, thereby assisting to deliver major cost reductions for customers.

The alliance alliance brings Delta together with I S Systems which is a technology integrator with a strong history of delivering successful medium to large automation systems.


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