8 Channel Digital Output Module 0.5A - 24 VDC Type 1

101-210110Standard 8 channel digital output module for 24 VDC with 0.5 A per channel. Can be controlled by the web server (Output Control menu), DP slave or PROFINET IO device. Suitable for 0.5 A – 24 VDC.

The outputs can be configured in the ComBricks web server (Output Control menu) to respond directly to bus problems like; bus voltage too low, master lost and retries. This offers great applications to directly and independently act on the machine / process when the bus communication becomes unreliable. Especially when safety of human lives or the environment comes first.

Power switches, hold switches, indicators, backup systems, device I/O, doors and LED towers are examples of machine parts that can be hooked up to the outputs.

The configured settings are saved and activated after reset or power-up.


Product features

  Digital outputs
• 8 DOs on 1 connector
• 0.5 A per DO (direct load)
• 15..30 VDC (depends on provided voltage)
• 0.211 Ohm loss per DO

DO connector
• 10 Pins connector (DOs + 2 x DGND)
• < 1.5 mm2 wire diameter
• Stranded or solid core wire

DO power connector
• 3 Pins connector (+24VDC, DGND, Shield)
• < 2.5 mm2 wire diameter
• Stranded or solid core wire

Web server
• Every channel can be customized
• Manual ON/OFF
• Timer ON/OFF
• Event: Retries, Lost, Bus voltage too low, etc

• Controllers: Web server, PROFINET IO device, DP slave
• 32 Modules (all slots)
• 290 mA current consumption

• Required Head Station firmware: V1.260 and later
• Operating temperature: 0..60 °C
• Dimensions: 140 x 110 x 25 mm
• Weight: 105 g

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8 Channel Digital Out
Module 0.5A - 24 VDC
Contact us. 101-210110 Includes:
- Backplane unit
- Screw terminal connectors